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Components and Constructions for High Temperature Processes

Processes at high temperatures are demanding high performing materials and designs corresponding to the actual loads. Since 1992, FEROMAN GmbH is specialized on these problems in plants of the steel- and non-ferrous metal producing industry. This includes furnaces and installations in line before and behind these, as for example in heavy plate mills, continiuos annealing lines and hot dip galvanizing lines for cold rolled strip.


Product Image Centrifugal Cast Tubes, Static Castings Centrifugal Cast Tubes, Static Castings

Centrifugal cast tubes and static castings from heat- and corrosion resistant steel grades.

Product Image Furnace Rolls Furnace Rolls

Furnace rolls ready for assembling into all known types of furnaces in the steel-, aluminium- and copper-industry.

Product Image Radiant Heater Tube Radiant Heater Tubes, Burner Tubes, Recuperators

Radiant heater tubes for a wide range of applications and in different designs.

Product Image Zincpott Equipment Zincpott Equipment

FERROMAN is offering the complete programme for continuous hot dip galvanizing.

Product Image Walking Beams Walking Beams, Fixed Beams, Riders, Gliding Rails

Ready made walking beams, fixed beams and carriers for walking hearth furnaces.

Product Image Transport Belts Transport Belts and Casted Chain Belts

For metallurgical processes in muffles as like powder making.

Product Image Furnace Muffle Furnace Muffles

FERROMAN is one of the leading suppliers of muffles for heat treatment and metallurgical processes.

Product Image Annealing Bell Annealing Bells

Annealing bells, diffusor plates, convector plates, ventilator wheels…FERROMAN supplies everything for bell annealing.

Product Image Ventilator Wheel Ventilator Wheels

Ventilator wheels of all sizes, ready for assembling, dynamically balanced, made by casting or fabricated.

Product Image Air-Knives Air-Knives for continious hot dip galvanizing lines

The jets to blow off liquid zinc or aluminium are a quality controlling step in the coating process of cold strip.

Product Image Leveller Rolls Leveller Rolls

For the descaling, levelling and stretching during manufacturing of strips and plates of steel and non-ferrous metals.

Product Image Passivating Passivating

Compact RTS-process to apply the new Cr-free passivation chemicals.

Product Image Electrostatic Oiling Machines Electrostatic Oiling Machines

Oil is applied on the surface of strips of steel and aluminium by electrostatic spraying against corrosion or as lubricant.

Product Image Flatness Measurement Flatness Measurement

Shapeline company is building the equipment for measuring the flatness of plates and strips.

Product Image Induktive Induction Heating Systems Induction Heating Systems

Electrical heating by induction for preheating of strips and other components.


Static and Centrifugal Castings
Welded Furnace Construction
Air-Knives for Zn and Al
Ravarini Castoldi & C. Divisione ELETTROSPRAY
Electrostatic Oiling Machines
Leveller Rolls
Flatness Measurement
Cr-free Passivating
Induction Heating Systems